Outdoor Music System

Backyard Stereo Systems –
installed by Landscaping Professionals

Outdoor Music Systems

Installed by landscaping professionals!

About Our Backyard Stereo Systems

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Here’s the equipment we use from TruAudio

Transform your outdoor space with our cutting-edge backyard stereo system installation services!

Enhance your relaxing day by the pool with outdoor music. No matter your taste,  music and sound add another dimension to your outdoor experience. Professionally wired audio systems provides layers of sound to your backyard, whether you’re having a party or just lazing by the pool. We can customize your outdoor stereo system to any taste or need.

Wired systems are more reliable than bluetooth speakers because they don’t rely on batteries or charging. They’re ready when you are!  Our systems are designed for outdoor use. They will out-perform any wireless system in terms of quality and depth of sound.

Our systems are beautifully designed audio systems that will never detract from the look of your backyard oasis.

Nestor’s just installed an outdoor sound system that is the bomb! It connects to home wifi very easily and has the ability to run off of multiple devices. Of course the install team left my backyard nicer than it was before they arrived. This cost more than the Amazon box
systems but has a 5 year warranty and the sound is like a live concert. Well worth it if you want crisp music with quality hardware. The factory rep was here to be sure equipment was installed properly. Thx Nestor’s!

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